December is a Time of Progress

We are in a very progressive month, and new wonderful things are popping up. No need to wait until the New Year for that. One thing I am proud to say is that MsMir Astrology is back. I had closed it down for a while due to the fact that I was more focused on my online marketing business. However, I have been very compelled to bring it back. Actually, for a while. However, I am now getting that push I had needed for a while to get this off the ground again. I will be buying back the original domain soon. So be patient. Mars also just entered Libra, and even though it is in its detriment there, the effects of Mars can be quite powerful as Mars is always associated with action.

Libra rules social cooperation, as it is an air sign, we will find ourselves collaborating more, joint venturing on business creation as well, and speaking with others to learn new ideas or facts. This is a great time for communication. Mars will stay in Libra until July 27th 2014.


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