Are you Having an Easy Time Tapping into Emotions of Others?

As the Astro Twins had pointed out, today intuition may be stronger than normal. We may even really have a very easy time reading into what others are feeling and thinking. However, you must keep yourself protected because if someone is in a very bad mood, or if they are unwell or upset, it will easy affect you. The Moon is in Cancer, and it is trining Saturn in Scorpio today. Those are water signs, which rules emotions and intuition. With this trine, you are going to feel just about anything from anyone. It is best to be very careful. Attempt to only hang around those who are inspiring, motivated are happy, and cheerful. That will easily rub off to you. This is a great day to do readings, make decisions as well AFTER you intuitively tap into something you have wanted to make a decision about. A great day to trust nothing other than your intuition.

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