Mercury Goes Back into Retrograde Again

mercury retrograde

It is that time of year again when Mercury goes into retrograde– and the retrograde will be from October 4-26, 2014. Mercury will be at 2 degrees Scorpio and will end at 16 Libra. Mercury will be completely direct on November 10, 2014.

Whenever Mercury, the planet that rules communication of all types goes into retrograde- that is when you will be dealing with missed appointments, missed mail, mechanical and electrical outages and failure, and plenty of misunderstandings. Whenever any planet goes into retrograde, it is not going backwards literally. However, the movement is different and the energies that are felt will be happening inward and not externally.

In other words, when Mercury is in retrograde- you will be inclined to do quite a bit of soul searching. You may find yourself having a strong desire to have a psychic or an astrology reading. You may even hire a life coach. It is definitely a great time to learn more about yourself and to finish unfinished business. Starting new projects is never a good idea during the retrograde since many times your thoughts are somewhat fuzzy. However, if you have been putting off a project for months, this is the time to finally get to it and finish it up. Making large purchases or investments is not recommended during this time either. However, there may be some exceptions since fated events are known to happen during the retrograde. For instance- if you have been driving a car that is on its last legs, chances are it will die off. You then won’t have a choice other than to buy a new car. And you will be getting the car you are meant to have.

Since Mercury will be effecting those who have Sun, Moon and Ascendents in Scorpio and Libra the most- there will be plenty of issues arising that have to do with you facing inner demons as well as relationships. While Mercury will be in retrograde in these signs, and if you have been having relationship or marital problems- you may be quite inclined to go for marital counselling. Definitely an ideal time to work through issues that have been cropping up in your marriage or relationship. Many times, if necessary- break ups will also happen.

Mercury in retrograde will also have an effect on us differently based on where it is transiting in our charts, and the planets it is aspecting. For instance, someone who has Mercury transiting through his or her 1st house will be more inclined to looks for ways to improve appearance- where as someone who has Mercury transiting his or her 6th house will be inclined to evaluate health or work situation. However, taking action on any of these areas is best to do once Mercury is direct. Especially on or after November 10th.

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