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Today on Conscious Co-Creations Straight talk about the Mind, Body, Business, and Spirit, Carly Alyssa Thorne talks about Gratitude with The Gratitude Girl Elizabeth Hartigan.

Elizabeth Hartigan

About Elizabeth Hartigan-Author, International Speaker, & Gratitude Coach
Gratitude found me, when I was least expecting it. 12 years ago I was told I had cancer, in that moment everything changed! After going within and asking what my next step moving forward, I came to the conclusion that my healing was an inside job. I decided to forego any traditional treatment and focus on my thoughts, remove all negativity from news to toxic relationships, and to begin practicing gratitude.

I realized how often I thought about what was wrong, rather than what was right. I was flipping through the channels the next day to watch the Oprah show, Mattie Stepanek was the guest that day. He was dealing with a rare case of Muscular Dystrophy, the same disease that had taken the life of all of his siblings. And yet he sat there talking of love and peace and how grateful he was for the time he had with his loved ones. I realized how could I not be grateful? I have so much! That day, I started my very first Gratitude journal, and began my journey into seeing through the eyes of Gratitude.

Day by day my awareness began to shift, I realized there is so much to be grateful for from the fact that we are breathing, to the ability to choose new thoughts. When we see each day as a gift, life becomes miraculous! After seeing through lenses of gratitude my entire life shifted.

About 40 days later the lump in my neck disappeared, and upon going to the doctor it was confirmed I had a clean bill of health. This blessing in disguise taught me the greatest lesson of my life. I know without a shadow of doubt, we each have the ability to Consciously Create our lives through our thoughts and actions. I am honored and Grateful to share this powerful tool with others through my work as a coach, and teacher. I truly believe any and every area of your life can be healed and transformed with the Power gratitude, by letting go of what no longer serves us, and shifting our thoughts and beliefs!



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