Jupiter Goes into Retrograde Between December 8, 2014 to April 8, 2015

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If you have been giving into your impulses lately- such as eating, spending or even gambling in excess, this is going to be the time you will realize you need to cool down since Jupiter is going into retrograde.

Jupiter rules anything in abundance- which can be great if you know how to handle too much of anything. However, it can be dreadful if you have no self control. This is why I have a hard time calling this planet the great benefic. If you gamble or spend too much, you will end up in debt and there is nothing good about being in debt. If you eat too much, you will become overweight. Not good either! However, now that Jupiter is going into retrograde, this can be a great time for everyone to reflect.

Whenever a planet goes into retrograde, it never literally slides backwards. However, the energies from transits that are normally felt externally are felt internally whenever a retrograde happens. That is always a time to reflect.

Jupiter will be in retrograde in Leo from December 8, 2014 to April 8, 2015. During this time, you will be having an urge to really look at everything you have- whether you have bought items over the last few months on impulse, or if you have too many possessions. Don’t be surprise if you end up sorting through what you truly want or need and either donating or selling items that are of no use. You may even find yourself appreciating every dollar you earn and save it, instead of spending all of your money at once. You’ll be cherishing the stuff in your life that you consider to be blessings. In other words, what Jupiter in retrograde will do to most of you is cool your impulses down which will cause you to look at the overall big picture. When you are able to slow down, and discover what you really want and need- your intuition will sharpen.

Since Jupiter is in Leo, this will have an affect on your romantic life, your children, and/or hobbies. Perhaps you are second guessing the idea of getting married right now. Maybe you don’t find as much joy in your hobby as you once did. Perhaps the hobby is taking up too much of your time which is leaving you less time to focus on your family and/or business. Perhaps this is a time to find new extra activities for your kids. If you are feeling these kinds of urges- you cannot ignore those nudges. We are all going to be affected differently by Jupiter in retrograde- however all of us will be affected either way.

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