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Astrology describes our potential, not our fate. It deals with patterns prevailing in our lives, it interprets our life events/personality traits/ and individual realities. Astrology is the study of the planets and how they influence the lives of people. I have practiced astrology for almost a decade. I was certified in 2006, and began my astrology business in 2008. There are different astrological traditions. 

Examples are the Western tradition which I primarily use, with a Kabbalistic touch. Eastern astrological traditions are Persian, Vedic and Chinese. The lists can go on. Some astrologers have ways of combining several traditions like I sort of do. In astrology, there are also different housing systems. I will not bother explaining that as many readers (unless you are either an astrologer or you are knowledgeable in astrology) will not really understand that, and besides for this post it is irrelevant.
 Many times, astrologers will evolve into studying a specific type or branch of astrology, and start practicing that.The majority of astrologers start off by strictly reading natal charts, or studying and practicing natal astrology. That is by looking at your birth chart and telling you what your strengths, weaknesses, karmic issues, likes, dislikes, personality, etc are. As the astrologer becomes more comfortable with reading charts, he or she may begin to evolve into studying another branch of astrology. 
Branches of astrology are also endless. One branch is mundane astrology, where events of the world are studied through astrological analyses. Another type is electional astrology where the astrologer is able to find the best time to hold an event, surgical procedure, signing a contract, you name it by looking at the upcoming transits in conjunction with your natal chart.
 Many astrologers also practice a branch of astrology called horary astrology. That is when an astrologer is able to answer a question asked at a specific time by drawing up a chart and finding the answer through that particular chart. That branch just simply confuses me so I keep away from horary. And there is, of course past life astrology.
Past life astrology is the branch of astrology that I have been studying a lot, lately. I still do general natal chart and transit readings, but I focus most of my astrological work on past life astrology. It has been that way since I began writing a book.This blog is going to be about how astrology plays a huge part in reincarnation. I do explain it bit by bit in my book. However, I will be sharing a lot of how your natal chart shows your past lives, and everything about them in this blog. 

And just in case you are already wondering, yes, there is a lot more to your past lives than what house and what sign your South Node is. And your 12th house may indicate a lot about your past lives, but your whole chart actually tells you just as much. Again, that is all explained in my book in detail. I look forward to many future posts I will be creating on how your past lives are discovered through astrology.

Astrology is studied through the planets in zodiac signs and their relationships with other planets. Houses, which are the areas of life, are indicated by a natal chart—a pie shaped chart divided into twelve sections (houses).  There are many house systems, and astrologers use the house system that works best for them. This may mean little to many of you; however, I happen to use a very popular house system called Placidus. Many people believe that the Sun is the most important part of an astrological analysis, but as significant as the Sun is, it’s a fraction of what is found in your chart.

The Moon, the Ascendant that is the sign that was rising at the time of your birth, is extremely significant in one’s chart as well. The other planets show a lot, and the next focus will be on the individual planets that I use in my readings. I will present their meanings, how they can relate to past lives, and the many things that they can represent.

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