Miriam Slozberg had established her writing career back in 2009, and what had inspired her to write were due to some events that had occurred prior to that.

Miriam’s first book which was called, My Five Autobiographies: My Soul’s Experiences Lived through Five Recent Lives told the story of the personal journey of an old soul as she had traveled through her last five previous incarnations which provided a compelling glimpse into the very interesting world of reincarnation, occult matters, karma, and why people have to experience many challenges that life dishes out. This book was not only written to help her find out why she needed to experience the challenges that she had through out her life. That book was meant to help others realize that they are not alone when it comes to facing painful challenges that life often presents and that there is a crucial meaning behind hardships. However this book is no longer on the market and eventually will be re-released.

Miriam released her second book Stars Behind the Tortured Soul-Healing Past-Life Memories Through Astrology on June 12th, 2011.

Stars Behind the Tortured Soul-Healing Past-Life Memories Through Astrology is about the struggles reincarnated Holocaust victims face on a day to day basis. However, indicated by using past life astrology, it is possible for the soul to heal and evolve from past wounds which were inflicted from torturous past lives. There are plenty of others who are in that position, dealing with karmic wounds due to past life torture and are in dire need of healing. It absolutely can be done, even if it ends up taking several lifetimes.

Miriam has moved away from the spiritual niche in regards to writing and got into the social media business. She has a few Kindle Ebooks on social media and Klout.

The Secret to High Social Media Rankings: How to Get Klout

Straight Talk About Klout and Social Media Influence written by Miriam Slozberg and Carly Alyssa Thorne

THE VIDEO VERSION of the Interview about the Book, Klout & Social Media:

THE AUDIO-PODCAST VERSION of the Interview about the Book, Klout & Social Media:

***Straight Talk really delivers the goods! Reading this book will show you exactly how to avoid the social media landmines, become influential, and quickly raise your Klout Score.
– Richard Krawczyk a/k/a Mr. Blueprint
Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Business Strategist
Twitter: @TheMrBlueprint

***This ebook about Klout and social media influence is wonderfully written. It gives straight forward, easy to understand ideas and practices you can utilize now. I enjoyed the openness of the authors and their ability to clearly define what social event will trigger a higher Klout score. I walked away with a much better understanding of the concept. Thank you.– Maria Simard, Successfully Fearless

***This book is a must read for anyone who does business online. Social media is such an essential tool in your marketing arsenal, and this book sheds light on how to use Klout to create clout, and establish yourself and your business as an leader in your niche.
Carrie Roldan
CEO at Dinner This Month

***Great overview of the best places to be in social media and how to use them to add value. Straight talk presents the information with great clarity and adds some nuggets as to how to improve your social media presence to support your business and your brand.
Sandi Coryell, Leadership Speaker, Strategist and Consultant, The Coryell Group.

***This e-book is an incredible resource. I have never seen such a thorough and succinct handling of social media influence and return on investment with Klout. This book will be the go-to resource for any veteran small business owner (or job seeker for that matter) on the importance of Klout and the proper use of social media.
Deanna Wharwood and Associates, The Veteran’s Coach

***When it comes to all the social media “stuff” it can get “kinda” confusing. Yet, this ebook made the confusion disappear. It is well written and chock full of valuable information. I actually “get it” now. I was unaware of Klout until I read this ebook and now I understand what it is and how to use it to grow my business. Thank you for all the amazing resources you provided. I highly reccommend this ebook if you want to have a clear picture and understanding of how Klout and social media can make a positive impact on your business. Donna Burgher, founder & creator of Empower and Enlighten Kids & Moms

***Miriam Slozberg and Carly Alyssa Thorne share a wealth of practical insights and information to help polish and perfect your social media presence. They deliver everything you need know about social media platforms, Klout and the do’s and don’ts of each. This book is a great guide for leveraging your business exposure and positioning you as the expert in your field.
Lori Dean,
Founder of Mid-Life Mouthpiece Productions and Clear Talk Messenger Consulting

***In Straight Talk About Klout and Social Media Influence, Solzberg and Thorne have provided experts and companies with a very practical guide to increasing social media presence, and how that presence is measured and communicated to others through Klout scores. Essential reading for anyone who wants to connect and have an impact through social media!
Cat Shrier, Ph.D., P.G.
CEO/Founder, WaterCitizen.Com
Publisher, Water Citizen News

***Social Media is here to stay and every business, regardless of size, needs a social media marketing plan. Businesses today MUST interact with their clients creatively and with value. Carly and Miriam are both social media experts and they guide business people through the maze of online engagement. Read this now to help your business grow!
Dr. Mary C. Kelly
CEO, Productive Leaders

***In this book Carly Alyssa Thorne and Miriam Slotzberg have done a great job profoundly expounding the little-known ”Klout score”, which we should be aware of, and summarizing the effects of the social media presence on your career. This is a must-read!
Eve Koivula

Straight Talk Who-What-Why-When-How Etiquette written by Miriam Slozberg and Carly Alyssa Thorne

Beautiful EBook with Metaphysical Quotes and Beautiful Flower Photography by Carly Alyssa Thorne
the quotes are done by Paul Smit and Carly Alyssa Thorne

Contemplating Change "One's" Quotes with Paul Smit and Carly Alyssa Thorne

Contemplating Change “One’s” Quotes with Paul Smit and Carly Alyssa Thorne

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